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The Festival

The Bella Vista Arts & Crafts Festival is currently celebrating its 52nd year!


​From humble beginnings to the premier arts festival in northwest Arkansas, the Festival now boasts over two hundred artisans from all over North America. Representing over 30 states, our artisans offer unique items from kitchen goods to fine art. All items are handmade and must go through a jury process to be sold.​

Always the third Thursday through Saturday in October, this year's Festival is October 15-17. We'll see you there!

Interested in being a part of the Festival?

Join the hundreds of artisans and volunteers who make the Festival great! Take advantage of our free Large Item Pick-up service, unloading help, and Ambassadors, who make sure you have what you need and are available to booth sit for short periods.


Go to this page if you've never exhibited, or if it's been a few years.

Head to this page if you just need a renewal form.

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