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Artisan Alliance

Board of directors, Executive committee, Gallery Operations, General membership and Artists

Board of Directors

Bill Croft Term Expires 12-31-2023
Denise Williamsen Term Expires 12-31-2024

Sandy Pogue Term Expires 12-31-2025

Executive Committee

President Stevie Stevens

1st Vice President (Programs) Janelle Redlaczyk

2nd Vice President (Membership) Rosie Floyd

Secretary Lenora Babb

Treasurer -----------------------

Gallery Director Pearl Williamson

Gallery Facilitator Bill Croft

Studio Manager John Dyas

Scholarships Director Cathy Chanin

Publicity Director To Be Announced

Public Relations

WSG Facebook Page Pearl Williamson

WSG Newsletter* Janelle Redlaczyk

Artisan Alliance General Membership

*Norie Allen

*Lenora Babb  

*Carolyn Bietendorf 

*Larry Blech 

*Cathy & Larry Chanin

*Patricia Chapman
*John Craig
*William Croft
*Jacki & Joe D'Anna Christen

*Dave Darpinian
*Dee DiNino
*Frank DiNino
*John Dyas
*Marcy Effinger
*Rosie & Dave Floyd

*Heather Grills
*Susan Hacker

*Julie Hansen

*Allison Hartman
*Gerald Hatley


First Floor of Gallery

Artisan Alliance General Membership

*Susana Jones
*Ben Madden and Sheryl Madden

*Jay Malmin
*Cheryl Netherton
*Ed Pril
*Sandra Prill
*Janelle Redlaczyk

*Diana L. Short

*Stevie Stevens
*Nancy Veach
*Phyllis Von Holdt
*Bonnie Wagner

*Joseph & Merrie Watkins

*Pearl Williamson

* Denotes Wishing Spring Gallery Exhibitor

Our artists are all local and are juried in.

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Exhibitors: The gallery features works by talented artists Their creations span various mediums, including photography, wood crafts, crochet, pottery, paintings, and jewelry.

So if you're seeking beautiful art pieces or unique handmade gifts, make sure to visit Wishing Spring Gallery & Gift Shop. It's a delightful place where creativity flourishes! 🎨🌟 🌸

Meet Our Artists

Nancy Veach.jpg

Nancy Veach

Cheryl Netherton_pp.jpg

Cheryl Netherton

Pod with Succulent -Purple.jpg

Mary Sinkus

Dave Darpinian pic.jpg

Dave Darpinian

Frank and Dee DiNino.jpg

Frank & Dee DiNino


Rosie Floyd


Larry Blech

Gerald pic.jpg

Gerald Hatley


Ben Madden

Jay Malmin picture.jpg

Jay Malmin

Phyllis pic_edited.jpg

Phyllis Von Holdt


Tom & Sandra Dilliberti

Bill Croft pic.JPG

Bill Croft

Nadene Kranzpic.jpg

Nadine Kranz

Bonnie Wagner.jpg

Bonnie Wagner


Marcy Effinger

20211209_103710 copy.jpg

Norrie Allen

John Craig.jpg

John Craig

Julie Hansen pic.jpg

Julie Hansen

Suzanne Jones pic.jpg

Suzana Jones


Susan Hacker

Carolyn B.jpg

Carolyn Bietendorf

Cathy Chanin.jpg

Cathy Chanin

Pearl Williamson

Pearl Williamson


Allison Hartman

Jim Reitz pic.jpg

Jim Reitz

Lenora pic.jpg

Lenora Babb

Diana Short pic.jpg

Diana Short

Joe Watkins pic.jpg

Joe Watkins

John Dyas pic_edited.jpg

John Dyas

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