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40+ Exhibitors


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Arts, Crafts & Gifts



Meet Our Artists

Our artists are all local and are juried in by another artist.

Their crafts are all made by hand. 

List of exhibitors that do not sell on line

Ben Madden - Woodworking                               

Ed & Sandra Prill - Decorated Vases

Gerald Hatley - Watercolor Fine Art

Heather Grills - Fine Art and Pottery

Jackie D'Anna - Decorative Wood Items                                             

Janelle Redlaczxk - Silver & Gold jewelry

Mayra Benz - Crocheted items & Jewelry

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Nancy Veach.jpg

Nancy Veach

Nancy grew up in Northern Illinois and learned to sew in 4-H. Raising four kids led to making clothes and costumes. This included dresses and florals for their weddings. She was asked to make floral pieces and home décor. Nancy enjoyed this a great deal more than her job at an insurance company. She was transferred to Dallas where she was soon making and selling wreaths, padded photo albums, and painted wood items.

They retired in Bella Vista where she became involved with the church bazaar. This is how she began to create her business “A Little Something Extra”.


Susan Hacker

Susan studied ceramics at College of Lake County, Ill for the past 16 years under the instruction of David Bolton and Ben Bates. She has done wood-fired, gas fired, and raku along with soda firings.

She has always loved the smooth white surface of porcelain clay. Recently she has been working with black and white porcelain to create a unique line of jewelry. These are shaped and molded by hand, after painting, glazing and firing they are strung on hand dyed silk cords. 


Tom & Sandra Diliberti

Morninwood Studios creative artists Thomas and Sandra Diliberti have always had a passion for nature and the outdoors. They use mostly Oriental Bittersweet ( an invasive and destructive vine) and driftwood ( found in riverbeds and shorelines) creating beautiful One of a Kind Art , bringing the outdoors home. Each piece is handcrafted and made with love. No piece is ever duplicated – uniquely different art with a twist.

Pod with Succulent -Purple.jpg

Mary Sinkus

Felted Goods

Cathy Chanin.jpg

Cathy Chanin

Sewing, QuiltingI have always loved working with my hands even as a child, I started sewing in junior high school and have never stopped. Beading has been a passion for me as well since high school.But my current passion is quilting, I started quilting 10 years ago and love every minute of it.Cathy is a retired occupational therapist. Her husband is a retired teacher. They met while working as civilians for the military in Japan. They remained over seas serving military families for 26 years. They now call Bella Vista home for the past 2 years.

Wanda Roe.jpg

Wanda Roe

​Wanda is an art educator who was born in Arkansas and has spent most of her life in the Ozarks. She taught high school for 11 years and recently retired after 10 years as an art instructor for NWA Community College.

Her education includes Ark State University, UC Arkansas, UofA University of Illinois, and Carrizo School of Art.

Wanda’s media is pastels, watercolors, acrylics, and paper fibers.

Working in a variety of mediums and with different subject matter gives Roe the excitement of creation a different look with each new painting. She likes experimenting with new techniques and unusual materials. 

Side me (1).jpg

Frank DiNino

Frank was first introduced to woodturning in his junior high school years. Over time he has perfected his craft, creating layers and more intricate pieces. Frank's choice of shape and form is inspired by the individual characteristics of each piece of wood. Looking at the color and grain, he carefully turns each piece.

Many of the ideas for the shapes and forms are inspired by objects encountered in everyday life.  Some shapes evolve over time while others come as the piece is being turned. Golden yellow, blue grey,  pink and green, each piece is a unique display of color and pattern, and original, with the grain and imperfections adding character. 


Allison Hartman

​Beaded Necklaces and Earrings

I self taught myself how to make jewelry in 2005.

I only use sterling silver components in my designs and I buy beads from shows in Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.


Marcy Effinger

Marcy grew up in Northern Il, and lived in SE WI over 30yrs and Heber Springs AR for the last 7yrs. As a watercolor Artist and Instructor she has had her work shown in galleries, won many awards and has her paintings in private collections.

She taught in both public and private schools, Marcy has illustrated several children's books, and art teaching books. She also creates custom jewelry, Dicroic Glass Pendents, Angel Bell Necklaces, Vintage silverware pendants, earrings, bracelets, and magnetic jewelry.


Larry Blech

Larry was born and raised in Indiana.  He graduated from the University of Hawaii and worked in various locations in the US before retiring while in Dallas and then moving to Bella Vista.  Living in Bella Vista for the last twenty three years he considers himself an almost native.

Painting helped to fill the time when he retired and he began to be more and more immersed in the “hobby” as time passed.  Today it has become a means of expression and fulfillment.  Every day begins with a prayer that God will guide his hands and will allow his eyes to see what to paint because he knows that every talent man has is God given.

Phyllis Von Holdt

Phyllis Von Holdt

Phyllis was interested in painting at an early age.  She is mostly self-taught but has had some excellent teaches who have guided her to where she is today.  She started with charcoal, migrated to pastels, did some work in acrylic and is now doing oils.  During these stressful times, she likes to do paintings that take us away and into a make-believe world that make us smile.  

Cheryl Netherton_pp.jpg

Cheryl Netherton

She is a retired public school art teacher, having taught in Missouri and Oklahoma. Cheryl is from Prairie Grove, Arkansas and a graduate of U of A. She is serving her 3rd year as president of the Ozark Pastel Society, She enjoys doing collage, acrylic and pastel.

“I love the immediacy of pastels and the vibrant colors. Landscapes and people are my favorite subjects. I hope to have an emotional connection with the viewer.”

Carolyn B.jpg

Carolyn Bietendorf

Embroidery Artist

Bill Croft pic.JPG

Bill Croft

I have always considered myself a craftsman and not an artist but I suppose you need some artist abilities to be a good craftsman. My first artistic interest was taking wood carving classes. About 35+ years ago I learned the art of stained glass, which I still enjoy doing.  I retired 11 years ago and decided I wanted to do something different and turned to quilting and sewing. When I was growing up, my mother taught me, my twin brother, and my two sisters how to sew. Thanks to my mother, my passion now is using my sewing machine and quilting. One of my favorite things to do is repurpose jeans into quilts or other usable items.

I am a native of North West Arkansas, being raised in Springdale, lived in Eureka Spring for 28 years before moving to Bella Vista.   

Jan Garrett.JPG

Jan Garrett

My name is Jan Garrett. I began painting in 1967 and have never stopped. My husband and I traveled all over the world which opened my eyes to the many different styles of painting. Since I decided to be a stay-home Mom for several years, I decided I’d give Decorative Painting a try and I was hooked. It was a hobby I could do at home and watch my children grow and mature.  Since we lived in Germany for a total of 11 years, my interest grew into the folk styles of each country beginning with German Bauernmalerei.  My professional career of 40 years was teaching Kindergarten and I studied different learning styles which helps me even today. I have a home studio where I teach watercolor, oils, mixed media, acrylics, glass and fabric painting. I paint on all surfaces and enjoy doing craft shows as well as special orders. I still take classes myself all over the U.S. even today. There’s always a new technique or style that I want to try and then share those ideas with my students.

Pearl Williamson

Pearl Williamson

Growing up in NW Arkansas Pearl learned how to sew from Home Economics class and her mom. As a young mother she made clothes and crocheted hats and scarves for her children. While her children were young she took courses in computers and software.

After working in Accounts Receivables for twenty years, she decided to try something new and took photography classes at the nearby community college, where she found her new passion of photography.

Bonnie Wagner.jpg

Bonnie Wagner

​Bonnie taught herself to crochet over 45 years ago, so she could make an afghan for herself and her husband.

Now she crochets hats, hooded scarves, afghans, hand warmers, cozies and hot pads. She enjoys crocheting while watching tv with her husband.

Her creations can be found at Wishing Spring Gallery.

Leona Hunter-Wade

Leona Hunter-Wade

I relocated to Arkansas from Michigan almost 11 years ago. I was impressed with the variety of activities available to become involved in.  With the encouragement and guidance from a friend, I began to explore the world of art.

The opportunity to become exposed to the fascinating and wonderful world of art, continues to amaze and delight me.

Jim Reitz logo pic.jpg

Jim Reitz

Jim is a retired Electro/Mechanical Engineer, after retiring they moved to Bella Vista during the summer of 2017. Jim began making scroll saw projects in 2012 for their own use and then giving them away as gifts.

He joined the Bella Vista Wood Carvers club, after realizing he loved creating useful items from wood.

He now displays his work at Wishing Spring Gallery.

20211209_103710 copy.jpg

Norrie Allen

Fine art painter and hand thrown potter.

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